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Summer Bundle

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Our Summer Liquid Bundle contains the following products:






NZLA WETTER prolongs turf health and vigour, ensures efficient water use and reduces the volume of irrigation required. It’s specifically designed for use where watering restrictions are in place. Research has shown that turf treated with NZLA WETTER can retain up to five times the normal amount of moisture held in the root zone.

Directions of use: For preventative treatment for moisture loss in turf, apply 250ml to 10L of water per 100m2. The maximum benefit from NZLA WETTER will be achieved by washing into the root zone with 15-20mm of irrigation or rainfall within 24 hours. Irrigate turf every 7-14 days or as required.

NZLA LIQUID N is a slow-release liquid nitrogen fertiliser. It contains 85% of nitrogen in the slowly available forms of Ammonium Stabilised and SRN-IQ Technologies. It’s designed especially for sustained turf grass feeding through two separate release mechanisms – meaning nitrogen is released evenly and continually within the soil and the plant itself.

Application rate: 350ml/100m2 – 1.4L/100m2 IN 5 litres of water, depending on how much nitrogen is required.

NZLA ROOT HEALTH is based on a highly concentrated kelp extract sourced locally in New Zealand, the kelp formulation that makes up NZLA Root Health is considered the New Zealand turf industry’s best. Many people have heard that some kelps contain plant hormones vital for growth, but what is less commonly known is that it is the ratio of these hormones within the kelp that encourage either leaf growth, or root growth.

NZLA ROOT HEALTH is designed to stimulate root growth without impacting leaf growth. When used in conjunction with fertilisers such as NZLA Liquid Starter or Liquid Boost, there is no better way to get the turf roots moving. Seaweed is a highly complex material and typically contains more than 60 minerals and elements, 12 vitamins, 21 amino acids, and simple and complex carbohydrates.

Application rate is 50ml/100m2 in 5L of water. Can be repeated every 4 weeks.
NZLA HUMIC+ can be used as a foliar and/or drench to supplement a complete nutrition programme to enhance soil and plant health, particularly in sand based root-zones. Shake bottle before use and apply as a spray application on all turf grasses and landscape plants to improves the soil environment. Apply in sufficient water to achieve adequate plant coverage at the minimum dilution rates specified below. In hot weather increase the dilution rates.
Light sandy soils: humic acids increase soil nutrient and water holding capacity by coating sand particles, preventing high water and nutrient losses while transforming unproductive soils into fruitful soils by way of decomposition. They hold water and nutrition in plant available forms at root zone and provide to plants as needed.
Heavy and compact soils (clay): helps soil to loosen, creating looser crumbly soil, which improves the penetration of nutrients, plant roots and water into the soil, increases aeration of soil and water retention capacity, and improves soil workability.
Application: 50ml/100m² at a water ratio of 1:100.
NZLA IRON+ is a liquid fertiliser containing 6% iron. It harnesses plant carbohydrates within the solution to boost nutrient uptake, so you get the most out of every application. NZLA IRON+ can be used as a foliar and/or soil drench on all turfgrasses and landscape plants to provide iron as part of a complete and balanced nutrition programme.
Application rates: For foliar use 200-400ml in 5 litres of water per 100m2 every 15-30 days during the growing season. For soil application use 200-400ml in 5 litres of water per 100m2 followed by 3-6mm of irrigation every 15-30 days.

NZLA LIQUID BOOST is a reliable liquid iron and magnesium formulation. This product is ideal for a quick green-up of your lawn and will quickly correct iron deficiencies. NZLA LIQUID BOOST is perfect where colour and aesthetics are important. It’s trusted by turf managers including those working in sports stadiums throughout New Zealand, and is often used before sporting events to green up the turf.
Application rate is 200-500ml in 5 litres of water per 100m2.

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