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Gateway Starter Package – New Lawn Fertiliser Bundle

$110.00 ea

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Here’s the opportunity to grab the New Zealand Lawn Addicts Starter Package for new lawns.

Included in this deal:

1 x 1L premium quality, high nutrient fertiliser formulated especially for new and oversown lawns. This product can be reapplied every 4 weeks to ensure a healthy start for the lawn. This organic fertiliser is fish and kelp based and contains a range of essential trace elements in chelated form. The application rate is 100ml/100m2 in 2 litres of water. N6%, P10.3%, K3.2%, Seaplant extract 10%, and Carbohydrates 19%.

1 x 7.5kg NZLA Starter – a professional-grade slow-release fertiliser for new lawns. This is used in the pro-turf industry. Designed to provide rapid and prolonged plant growth and a greening effect, lasting up to three months. 19-11.3-4.2 + Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu. The application rate is 1.5kg/100m2


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