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Weed & Feed (10kg) Lawn Fertiliser and Weed Control

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Anyone who has followed our NZLA Facebook group for some time will see the negative comments about combined products claiming to weed and feed at the same time. This is the way it should be done: A premier slow release fertiliser and a top quality selective herbicide. For best results apply ALL SEASONS a couple of days prior to using the selective herbicide for better uptake of the selective herbicide. You will need a fertiliser spreader and a sprayer to apply these products.


Triumph Gold (40-60ml per 100m2) is a broad spectrum herbicide and will kill a wide range of weeds. This includes but is not limited to: cape daisy, catsear, chickweed, clovers, convolvulus, cotula, cudweed, daisy, dandelion, dichondra, docks, hawkbit, hawksbeard, hydrocotyle, mallow, mayweed, nettles, onehunga weed, oxalis (creeping), parsley piert, plantain, pearlwort, penny royal, ragwort, shepherd’s purse, sorrel, storksbill, thistles, twin cress, and wireweed.

Some weeds such as buttercup, selfheal, and yarrow will be suppressed, but not always killed. Perennial species such as Californian thistle may require repeat treatment.

Use Triumph Goldt any time of the year but the best results will occur in spring or early summer when weeds are fresh and growing vigorously. Avoid drift onto desirable plant species, including small shrubs and trees, as serious damage may occur. For newly-sown grass, wait till the turf is well established. This will be between 6 and 12 months after sowing. Maintaining a vigorous turf by adequate watering and a good fertiliser programme will help suppress weed establishment. Any bare patches should be resown in the autumn.

For up to six months after using Triumph Gold the herbicide active ingredients can be leached out of decaying lawn clippings and cause serious harm to desirable plants. Therefore dispose of any clippings from treated areas in such a way that they cannot end up as mulch or compost. Do not send any clippings to a recycling centre or composting facility.


NZLA All Seasons Slow Release is a professional-grade, slow-release fertiliser. This product is used in the pro-turf industry. It’s designed to provide rapid and prolonged plant growth and a greening effect, lasting up to three months.

20-1.7-16.6 with 5% Iron
Application rate 2kg/100m2

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