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Paclo 200SC – 200g/L Paclobutrazol

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Paclo 200SC (200g/L Paclobutrazol) can be used on Bentgrass, Ryegrass and Kentucky Bluegrass to suppress Annual Poa growth in greens and other sports turf situations. Application rate 20-28ml/100m2.

This is a great product for controlling Annual Poa in mixed cool season grasses such as Fine Fescue, Tall Fescue and Rye blends.

For the suppression and long-term control of Annual Poa (winter grass) and growth regulation in turf. This includes a decrease in vertical height, enhanced greening and improved turf quality.

Top Tips on using Paclo 200SC

• Apply to dry or wet turf and water-in immediately with 4-6mm of sprinkler irrigation. The degree of Annual Poa control will be influenced by application rate as well as turf management practices, climate, soil type, grass variety and Annual Poa biotype.

• Paclo contains a surfactant package specifically for turfgrass and no added surfactants are needed.

• Growth of Annual Poa will be reduced 1-2 weeks after application. Higher application rates will cause Annual Poa to discolour (yellow to brown) and stop or slow its growth, allowing desirable turf species to dominate.

• Application 1-2 weeks prior to Annual Poa seed-head emergence will reduce seed-head visibility but not formation.

• Use in areas containing greater than 70% Annual Poa will result in widespread discolouration.

• Overseeding is recommended to hasten the conversion from Annual Poa to more desirable grasses, To avoid stunting the growth of desirable seedlings, allow at least 14 days after treatment before overseeding and in newly overseeded areas, apply treatments at least 6 weeks after overseeding.

• On new grass plantings, delay application until after establishment. Delay planting grass seed until after heavy rain or watering and not sooner than one month after application.

• Do not tank mix with Group 3 fungicides (DMI Class) containing such active ingredients such as propiconazole, tebuconazole, triadimenol, triticonazole or mixtures with these actives.

• DO NOT apply when daytime temperatures are consistently above 32C or when grasses are stressed from heat, cold or lack of moisture.

• DO NOT apply when soils are saturated (waterlogged).

• DO NOT apply when turf has been thinned by disease or insect infestation or damaged from aeration of scarifying – wait until recovery has occurred. 

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