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NZLA Halo (500ml) Fine Fescue Herbicide

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NZLA HALO is a selective herbicide (commonly known as an Ignite herbicide) for removing all foreign grasses from Fine Fescue lawns. It contains 100g/L haloxyfop-P-methyl (R-isomer) as the methyl ester in the form of an emulsifiable concentrate.

To remove Annual Poa, use 15ml in 8 to 10 litres of water per 100m². For best results, apply when the weeds are small and actively growing. A repeat application may be required if weeds are at an advanced stage or weeds are under stress or slow growth.

This product can only be used on 100% Fine Fescue lawns that are at least 6 months old; otherwise, damage can occur to the young Fine Fescue plants.

It’s typically recommended to wait at least 6 to 8 weeks after applying haloxyfop before seeding a lawn or sowing new seeds. This allows sufficient time for the herbicide to break down or dissipate in the soil, reducing the risk of damage to the newly seeded grass. We are aware of customers doing this as soon as 4 weeks after using this product, but our recommendation is to wait 8 weeks to prevent poor strike rates.

To remove annual grass weeds, including annual ryegrass, summer grass, barnyard grass, and bristle grass, use 12.5ml in 8 to 10 litres of water per 100m². For best results, apply when the weeds are small and active.

The label of this product contains various rates for different weeds; we recommend not applying more than 15ml/100m² or damage and death can occur to your Fine Fescue. Only use this product on healthy and actively growing Fine Fescue.

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