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Yarrow is a perennial weed that is drought tolerant due to its deep root system.

Yarrow doesn’t have the opportunity to develop a seed head in most lawns due to regular mowing, but this doesn’t mean new plants can’t develop – instead it produces small suckers through rhizomes under the soil. Yarrow can lose all of its above ground growth and still recover.

Yarrow can be misidentified with Onehunga Weed due to its similar leaf appearance. Onehunga Weed leaflets have fewer than 10 leaflets per side as opposed to 15 to 20 on a Yarrow leaflet.


Glyphosate does not give great control alone. Adding the active ingredient tribenuron and using a surfactant herbicide mix and spot treatment is the best method for controlling Yarrow in lawns.

The active ingredient clopyralid (Archer, Vivendi 300, Versatil or Void) can provide some control in turf.

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Achillea millefolium