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Yarrow is a perennial weed that is drought tolerant due to its deep root system.


Wireweed is an annual weed from the same Polygonum family that includes Sorrels and Docks.

Twin Cress

Twin Cress is an annual weed that can germinate at any time of the year, though it typically establishes in spring and autumn.

Toad Rush

Toad Rush is an annual with fibrous roots that can easily be pulled from the ground.

Stinking Mayweed

Stinking Mayweed is an annual weed that mainly germinates in spring.


Starweed is a prolific seeding and short-lived perennial flat weed that is often difficult to eliminate once it becomes established.


Spurrey is an annual weed that often establishes in autumn and flowers in spring.

Shepherd’s Purse

Shepherd’s Purse is a fairly small annual weed that can germinate at most times of the year, but is often found in winter because of its ability to grow throughout the year.

Sheep’s Sorrel

Sheep’s sorrel is a perennial plant comprised of a clump of arrow-shaped leaves growing as a rosette and joined underground by a creeping root system. I


Selfheal is a perennial weed typically found in moist to wet lawns, but can also tolerate dryness.