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Parsley Piert

Parsley Piert

Parsley Piert is generally a winter annual, establishing in autumn and dying off during summer.

In turf, it can survive low mowing heights, is tolerant of lots of selective herbicides and becomes obvious after treatment of herbicide spray as it remains alive after other weeds have died off.

The leaves are joined by short stalks to the stems and are about 4 millimetres to 8mm long and 4mm to 10mm wide. Each leaf is made up of three leaflets, and each of these leaflets is usually divided into several segments, which can lead to misidentification with Creeping Buttercup and Dove’s Foot.


Picloram/triclopyr mixes (Victory Gold, Triumph Gold, Tordon Gold or Conquest) and a mixture of ioxynil, bromoxynil and mecoprop provide good control in turf.

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Field Parsley Piert

Aphanes inexspectata