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There are several closely related species in New Zealand that we will group the together in this section because controlling them is generally the same, however Hydrocotyle is troublesome in turf because it can tolerate many herbicides.

It is typically found in shady areas of the lawn as it prefers damp soil conditions. The leaves are typically 1 centimetre in diameter and can be confused with Creeping Mallow, which grows on stolons as well, but the leaves of Creeping Mallow are generally much bigger than that of Hydrocotyle.


MCPA, 2,4-D, mecoprop, ioxynil and dicamba only partially kill well-established hydrocotyle in turf. Triclopyr (Grazon or Scrubcutter) is one of the most effective herbicides against Hydrocotlye. Triclopyr/picloram mixture (Victory Gold, Triumph Gold, Tordon Gold or Conquest) is a better choice as it will control many more species of weeds.

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Hydrocotyle spp.


Hydrocotyle leaves