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Dove’s Foot

Dove’s Foot

Dove's Foot is a small annual herbaceous plant growing between 5 centimetres and 30cm in height and quickly forming groundcover on open areas.

It has many branches, which are quite hairy, with several ascending stems.

The leaves are palmate, cut five to nine times. The basal leaves are arranged in a rosette, the upper ones are sessile, rounded and hairy, with a long petiole of about 5 millimetres to 12mm.

The flowers are pinkish-purple, 8mm to 12mm in diameter, with five deeply notched petals. Stamens are whitish and the anthers are mauve. It blooms from September to February. The flowers are hermaphrodites and mainly pollinated by Hymenoptera (sawflies, wasps, bees and ants).


The active ingredients dicamba (Banvine or Bandit) or a picloram/triciopyr mixture (Victory Gold, Triumph Gold, Tordon Gold or Conquest) will provide control in turf.

Geranium molle

Dove's Foot