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This common weed species is often confused with Catsear, Hawksbeard and Hawkbit.

All four weeds grow in clusters (rosettes), with yellow flowers at the top of their stems. Pappus are attached to their seeds.

Catsear and Hawkbit both have hairy leaves whereas Hawksbeard and Dandelion will only have a small number of hairs, if any. Catsear and Hawksbeard stems are branched, while Hawkbit and Dandelion stems are unbranched. The flower stem of Dandelion is fleshy and hollow, while Hawkbit stem is generally thinner, wirier and not as hollow.


A MCPA, mecoprop and dicamba mix (Trimec and Legend) as well as a triclopyr and picloram mixture (Victory Gold, Triumph Gold, Tordon Gold or Conquest) provides control in turf as do the active ingredients clopyralid (Archer, Vivendi 300, Versatil or Void) and dicamba (Banvine or Bandit).

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