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NZLA Restore (10L) Liquid Lawn Fertiliser

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Restore the foundation of your soil and improve the uptake of nutrients and water.

• Stimulates soil microbes that break down nutrients into plant-available forms
• Organic acids that help the supply of heavy metals such as iron into the plant
• Added plant hormones, increasing root development
• Added beneficial fungi that colonise the roots, reaching out to pull in water and nutrients


NZLA RESTORE provides a distinctive and comprehensive solution for promoting turf and soil vitality. Through a carefully crafted blend of beneficial microbes, vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza (beneficial fungi), fulvic acid, humic acid, amino acids, kelp, and sugars, this product synergistically enhances soil biology, elevates soil carbon levels, stimulates plant growth, facilitates organic matter decomposition, and supports the mineralisation of synthetic granular fertilisers.


NZLA RESTORE is specially formulated with VM3 organics and incorporates VAM (Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae). VAM is a beneficial symbiotic fungus known for colonising up to 80% of the turf’s root mass. The fungal hyphae produced by VAM extend beyond the root hairs, facilitating access to typically inaccessible soil nutrients. Furthermore, VAM releases compounds that can dissolve elements prone to forming insoluble compounds, such as phosphorus and trace elements.

Foliar Application 

(Foliar application is not stated on the bottle but it’s definitely fine to apply as a foliar spray. Irrigate within 24 hours, and leave for a minimum of 6 hours if tank mixed with foliar products)

For optimum results, the recommended application rates for NZLA RESTORE is 200-400 mL/100m2, with a spray mix volume of 2-5 L/100m2. Repeat applications every 14-28 days as required.

Soil Application

For optimum results, the recommended application rates for NZLA RESTORE is 200-400 mL/100m2, with a spray mix volume of 2-5 L/100m2 followed by 3-6mm of irrigation. Repeat applications every 14-28 days as required.

Mixing & Application 

This versatile product can be applied as a foliar spray or as a soil drench. When used alongside granular fertilisers, NZLA RESTORE synergistically enhances their availability and promotes a faster turf response. It can be conveniently applied through various methods such as a garden sprayer, fertigation units, or fertispray systems.


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