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NZLA Organic Soil Health Range – Liquid Lawn Fertilisers

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NZLA Organic Soil Health Range – The ultimate soil health range!

Humic – NZLA HUMIC+ can be used as a foliar and/or drench to supplement a complete nutrition programme to enhance soil and plant health, particularly in sand-based root-zones. Shake bottle before use and use a spray application on all turf grasses and landscape plants to improve the soil environment. Apply in sufficient water to achieve adequate plant coverage at the minimum dilution rates specified below. In hot weather increase the dilution rates.

Nurture – NZLA NURTURE is a dynamic liquid fertiliser that activates plant growth and facilitates the release of nutrients trapped in the soil. Its blend of humates, kelp, beneficial vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and natural plant nutrients offers numerous benefits.

Restore – NZLA RESTORE provides a distinctive and comprehensive solution for promoting turf and soil vitality. Through a carefully crafted blend of beneficial microbes, vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza (beneficial fungi), fulvic acid, humic acid, amino acids, kelp, and sugars, this product synergistically enhances soil biology, elevates soil carbon levels, stimulates plant growth, facilitates organic matter decomposition, and supports the mineralisation of synthetic granular fertilisers.

Root Health – Based on a highly concentrated kelp extract sourced locally in New Zealand, the kelp formulation that makes up NZLA Root Health is considered the New Zealand turf industry’s best. Many people have heard that some kelps contain plant hormones vital for growth, but what is less commonly known is that it is the ratio of these hormones within the kelp that encourage either leaf growth, or root growth. NZLA Root Health is designed to stimulate root growth without impacting leaf growth. When used in conjunction with fertilisers such as NZLA Liquid Starter or Liquid Boost, there is no better way to get the turf roots moving.

Amino – Putting NZLA Amino+ directly into the soil helps the tiny living organisms there become stronger. These little guys are essential for plants to absorb nutrients effectively. Plus, NZLA Amino+ encourages roots to grow bigger and healthier, which means plants can drink up more water and nutrients from the soil. Spraying NZLA Amino+ onto the leaves helps the plant’s structure and metabolism and moves important minerals around the plant. This makes the leaves greener because they can make more food through photosynthesis. With more energy from photosynthesis, plants can grow better.

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