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NZLA Couch Lawn Seed 1kg

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NZLA Couch (AKA Bermudagrass) introduces a new era of enhanced turf standards, including superior quality, vibrant colouration, and heightened performance compared to typical couch varieties. With heightened resilience to colder temperatures, NZLA Couch ensures robust couchgrass performance throughout the diverse climates of New Zealand, encompassing both scorching summers and cooler temperate regions.

  • Fast establishment
  • Drought tolerant 
  • Improved cold tolerance compared to other Couch species available in New Zealand


Bermudagrass yields a robust, deep-rooted, and moderately green turf that thrives in various soil types, particularly flourishing in warm climates. This grass variety spreads through both rhizomes and stolons. It boasts outstanding resilience to wear, drought, high temperatures, and saline conditions. Bermudagrass establishes itself swiftly, generating lateral stems and effectively competing with weeds.

Sowing Rate: 1kg per 100m2

Bermudagrass should be planted when soil temperatures are above 18 degrees Celsius and covered with a layer of soil 3-5mm thick. It is crucial to maintain adequate soil moisture during the germination phase for warm-season grasses. In regions with higher temperatures, it may be essential to water briefly multiple times daily within 7-10 days. 


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