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Midnight Dark Rye Lawn Seed 5kg

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Introducing NZLA Midnight Dark Rye (MDR), a stunning perennial ryegrass with deep, rich tones and vibrant green hue. Known for its exceptional density and fine texture, MDR is the top choice for meticulous landscaping projects like lawns, golf courses, and sports fields. With its resilience to summer diseases and ability to thrive in humid conditions, it ensures your landscape stays lush and vibrant year-round. Chosen by stadiums across Australia and the US, NZLA Midnight Dark Rye (MDR) is a trusted favorite for maintaining top-quality turf under high-traffic conditions.

MDR can be used to oversow NZLA Dark Rye to give your lawn a darker appearance. However, due to the colour difference, we do not recommend oversowing our standard rye with this cultivar.
We’ve been trying to source one of the darkest ryegrass cultivars for the New Zealand home market for some time, and we’re now confident we have a product our customers will love.

NZLA Midnight Dark Ryegrass is for the true Lawn Addict who doesn’t mind some extra lawn maintenance. Foreign grasses and weeds can stand out against this plant’s dark green appearance, so keeping on top of pre-emergent and post-emergent applications is essential – but the rewards are worth the time.

Sowing rate of 3-5kg/100m2 | Oversowing rate of 2.5-3.5kg/100m2

What herbicides can I use on my Midnight Dark Rye Lawn?

Use NZLA Etho to control some foreign grasses such a Poa and Summer Grass. NZLA Meso to control some broadleaf weeds. Etho and Meso can both be used at seeding as a pre-emergent or as a post emergent once the turf is 4 weeks old and been mowed a couple of times. The best general turf herbicide is Triumph Gold as it controls the most amount of common lawn weeds.

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