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Scrambling Fumitory

Scrambling Fumitory

Scrambling Fumitory is a clambering annual weed that can grow at any time of the year, though most germination is in spring and autumn.

The flowers are pink with a dark red tip – this is a distinctive characteristic. The stems tend to be quite weak and are unable to support the weight of the plant, so as a result it creeps along the ground. The leaves are made up of three leaflets when the plant is a seedling, and these can increase as it matures.


Scrambling Fumitory is reasonably susceptible to cultivation and herbicides, though tolerant of 2,4-D and MCPA once it gets older, and is poorly controlled by dicamba, clopyralid, trifluralin, linuron and diuron.

The best control is herbicides containing MCPA (Trimec and Legend) when the plant is small.

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