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Hawkbit is a perennial weed often confused with Dandelion and several other weed species that also have yellow flowers and look quite similar.

Deep roots mean it is drought tolerant and actively grows during dry summers.

Like Dandelion, Catsear and Hawksbeard, Hawkbit grows as a rosette, with leaves radiating out from a growing point situated at soil level. Hawkbit leaves are generally narrow (see photo) and are hairy, unlike Dandelion and Hawksbeard.

Once flowering, both Hawkbit and Dandelion have unbranched flower stems. Hawksbeard and Catsear are branched. Dandelion flower stems are fleshier and hollower than the wiry flower stems of Hawkbit.


In turf, a range of herbicides are available to control Hawkbit selectively, including clopyralid (Archer, Vivendi 300, Versatil or Void), triclopyr/picloram mixture (Victory Gold, Triumph Gold, Tordon Gold or Conquest), and MCPA/mecoprop/dicamba mixtures (Trimec and Legend).

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Leontodon taraxacoides