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Giant Buttercup

Giant Buttercup

The species is common in turf with poor drainage or areas with lots of rainfall such as the West Coast of the South Island.

Giant Buttercup is a short-lived rhizomatous perennial, with individual plants flowering and producing seeds and daughter rhizomes for several years before dying. Seeds begin to germinate form late autumn to early spring.

A similar species that Giant Buttercup may get confused with is Creeping Buttercup. The difference between the two is Creeping Buttercup produces stolons, whereas Giant Buttercup doesn’t have stolons and instead grows in clumps from its crown at ground level. Another way of telling the two species apart is by the leaf shape as you can see in the photo . Creeping Buttercup has a longer stalk for its middle leaflet, while Giant Buttercup leaflets don’t really have much of a stalk.


Thifensulfuron (Charter, Chord, Harmony and Thifen) and flumetsulam are both effective against Giant Buttercup. For best control, a second application will likely need to be applied.

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Ranunculus acris

Giant Buttercup flower

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