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Galinsoga is an annual herbaceous plant in the Asteraceae (Daisy) family.

It doesn’t grow as tall as other upright annual weeds like Fathen and Redroot. The leaves look similar to other common weeds and don’t have any easily identifiable characteristics.

As mentioned above, the plant is from the Daisy family and its flowers are similar to weeds like Stinking Mayweed and Daisy, with central yellow disk florets surrounded by white ray florets. The ray florets of Galinsoga are very small, so the flowers are not as noticeable as in some of these other Asteraceae species.


Galinsoga is another weed that’s easy to control in turf. Clopyralid (Archer, Vivendi 300, Versatil or Void), bentazone (Axall) and bromoxynil (Image) will provide control in the seedling stage of this plant.

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Galinsoga flower


Galinsoga parviflora