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Creeping Oxalis

Creeping Oxalis

Creeping Oxalis is an extremely common perennial lawn weed that grows from creeping stems (stolons).

This native weed is tolerant to many growing conditions and able to spread out, forming dense mats through its stolon system.

Creeping Oxalis is much smaller than other species in New Zealand. Each leaf has three leaflets with notches at the end, making them appear heart-shaped.


Mecoprop, ioxynil and bromoxynil mixes will provide control of this weed, regrowth however from the stolons occurs soon after. The most effective herbicide for controlling Creeping Oxalis is triclopyr (Grazon or Scrubcutter). A triclopyr/picloram mixture (Triumph Gold, Tordon Gold or Conquest) will control a wider range of turf weeds, so is a better choice.

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