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Creeping Mallow

Creeping Mallow

Mallow is used to describe a variety of species, many of which are fairly hard to tell apart.

Creeping Mallow has some distinguishing characteristics including orange-red petals, which is where its other commonly-used name – Red-flowered Mallow – comes from.

It flowers in late spring to early summer, usually producing solitary flowers with five petals borne on peduncles (stalks) in the leaf axils.

This mat-forming annual, biennial or perennial has creeping hairy stems that lay flat on the ground. They root at the nodes and it is not uncommon for these to be more than 1 metre long. The leaves are round or triangular in shape with three to seven toothed lobes.


Flumetsulam should kill young seedlings and MCPA (Cleansweep and Soft Touch) can have some effect on younger plants. Spot-spraying with a 2,4-D/dicamba mix or a triclopyr/picloram mix (Victory Gold, Triumph Gold, Tordon Gold or Conquest) should provide some control.

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