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Controlling grubs in your lawn

Grass grub life cycle Brown Beetles, commonly referred to as Grass Grub beetles, is the most common pest in New Zealand lawns, closely followed by Porina. The main difference is that Grass Grubs feed below the surface on your lawn’s roots, while Porina grubs come to the surface to feed at night. Brown Beetles are […]

Dog urine and your lawn

Dog urine can be a frustrating problem for any homeowner, especially when it leaves unsightly patches on your lawn. Dog urine can contain high levels of nitrogen, which can damage the grass and cause it to turn yellow, brown and then die.

How to water your lawn

Watering your lawn is a crucial part of lawn care. A well-watered lawn will be healthy, lush, and survive periods of drought better.

How to fix a waterlogged lawn

Maintaining a lush, healthy lawn can be challenging for homeowners during winter. One common issue that plagues turfgrass is the presence of boggy or waterlogged soil.

Lawn Renovation Guide

This guide is for when your existing lawn contains less than half the desired turf species or there is an infestation of weeds and the thatch layer is less than 20mm