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NZLA Liquid Starter (10L) Liquid Lawn Fertiliser

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Liquid Starter is a liquid product that provides plants with the nutrition and stimulation they need. It is specifically formulated to support plant growth when they are getting established, growing in size, or experiencing periods of high stress. This product contains a good amount of phosphorous, nitrogen, and potassium, with extra focus on phosphorous. It also includes kelp, which gives plants the necessary elements for healthy and strong growth, helps them withstand stress, and aids in recovering from any damage or injuries.

Plant establishment and recovery

Liquid Starter is specially designed to support plant growth during two important stages: establishment and recovery. It combines a well-balanced mix of nutrients and biostimulants that specifically enhance plant development during these phases.

For newly planted or immature turf, applying Liquid Starter is highly beneficial during the grow-in process. It provides the necessary nutrition to help the turfgrass establish a strong root system and achieve dense top-growth. Established turf can also benefit from this product during periods of high stress or when recovering from injuries caused by renovation or pathogens like nematodes and root diseases.

The establishment phase is critical for the development of a healthy and high-quality turf. During this phase, the turf seedling has specific nutritional requirements that are essential for robust root growth and dense top-growth. Applying granular fertilisers to sensitive areas of turfgrass during establishment or after renovation can be challenging. In such cases, liquid formulations like Liquid Starter are the ideal solution as they can easily deliver the necessary nutrients to support turfgrass developmen

Pre-condtioning the turf for renovations

The recovery time and response of turfgrass after renovation depends greatly on the plant’s health before the renovation took place. If the turfgrass is weak and has a poor root system, the post-renovation recovery period will be longer.

To improve the turfgrass’ ability to handle the stresses of renovation, it is beneficial to apply Liquid Starter beforehand. This pre-conditioning helps the turfgrass better cope with the challenges it will face during and after the renovation process.

Liquid Starter contains phosphorus and kelp, which work together to stimulate new root development. Phosphorus is essential for energy production within the turfgrass and applying it encourages increased root growth and the accumulation of carbohydrate reserves. Importantly, this root development occurs before shoot growth and at lower temperatures. Therefore, applying phosphorus at this stage is crucial for building a strong root system and energy reserves in preparation for the renovation.

Foliar applications

On established turf: 100-200ml in a minimum of 5L of water for every 100m2. Repeat every 14-28 days as required.

New turf: 100-200ml in 5L of water for every 100m2. Liquid Starter can safely be applied after the second tiller stage of new plants (about 2 weeks post germination).

Soil applications: 200-400ml in 5L of water for every 100m2, follow application with 5-6mm of irrigation.

Landscape plants and ornamentals: 150ml in 5L of water per 100m2, applied every 30 days.

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