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NZLA Kikuyu Lawn Seed 500g

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NZLA Kikuyu – This is the best Kikuyu seed available in New Zealand!

This is raw Kikuyu seed and not blended with other turf species. Please note that most Kikuyu blends on the market only contain 5% Kikuyu seed!

Exhibiting superior winter colour retention compared to most tropical grasses, NZLA Kikuyu showcases remarkable resilience against one-off frosts, maintaining its hue. Though it may turn yellow after experiencing several frosts, it does not endure prolonged frosting. It will continue to grow in temperatures as low as about 8°C, considerably lower than that of other Kikuyu species and tropical grasses like bermuda grass or couch grass Cynodon dactylon.

NZLA Kikuyu thrives in regions with consistent year-round rainfall, yet it exhibits impressive endurance during extended drought periods, even in sandy soils. The grass demonstrates notable tolerance towards moderate soil salinity and salt spray, and it can persevere through moderate waterlogging.

In terms of maintenance, NZLA Kikuyu demands only a minimal amount of nitrogen to uphold its lush turf cover. 

Establishment Process

The sowing process can be conducted during the late spring to late summer period. The ideal temperatures for successful germination range from 18°C to 29°C. However, it’s possible to sow the seeds at lower temperatures during spring 

The recommended sowing rate is 5 to 8 grams per square metre (equivalent to 500g to 800g per 100m2).

These seeds are relatively large, about 2mm in length, dark brown, and oval-shaped. Planting them too deep should be avoided; a maximum depth of 5mm is advised.

A well-prepared seedbed is the best choice for sowing NZLA Kikuyu, and rolling the area after sowing is recommended to maintain moisture around the seeds. It’s important to sow only Kikuyu seeds, as the presence of companion species can hinder the establishment process. Adequate moisture around the seeds must be ensured until germination occurs and new shoots start emerging. Under optimal conditions, NZLA Kikuyu can achieve full coverage within 8 weeks. Refer to our How To Water Your Lawn guide for irrigation requirements once the grass is established.

In many cases, NZLA Kikuyu can be established without starter fertiliser, particularly in moderately fertile soil. On less fertile sites, applying a balanced NPK fertiliser or a starter fertiliser with low nitrogen content can accelerate establishment. 

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