Application Guide

LawnLab Application Guide

Rates based on 100m2.

Lawn Lab products go beyond the conventional NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) delivery, enhancing soil health with Mycorrhizal fungi and optimising your lawn’s use of soil resources. 

The names of these products – Energy, Stimulate, and Restore – indicate their potential for soil application. When using these products individually, it’s recommended to follow up with a gentle irrigation session. However, they can also be combined in a tank mix for foliar feeding, as demonstrated in this guide. When applied through foliage in this manner, they gradually penetrate the soil profile. Enhancing this process can be achieved by irrigating the lawn approximately 6 – 24 hours after the application of the mixture to the foliage. This interval allows the other foliar products ample time to be fully absorbed.

All products should be applied a minimum of 6 hours after mowing, when temperatures do not exceed 25°C.

Avoid mowing for 24 hours after application.

If products don't state irrigation after application below or on the label then they are foliar feeds and are left on the plant. Apply to dry foliage.

Lawn Lab products are all compatible for tank mixing.