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Nitrogen but not as you know it.

Microbially fermented ultra-high nitrogen fertiliser that remains strongly stable in the soil and plant.

• This stabilised liquid is delivered to plants in a protein form derived from microbial fermentation
• Stable within the soil, so reduced leaching
• Contains trace minerals
• Added root stimulants


NZLA ULTRA N is a highly loaded nitrogen fertiliser that has been fermented into a form that is highly stabilised. The nitrogen is delivered to plants in a protein form derived from microbial fermentation. The production process begins with urea ammonium nitrate, which undergoes a fermentation process with a scientifically designed blend of micro-organisms. This fermentation process converts urea and ammonia into a form that plants can directly incorporate into their metabolism. NZLA ULTRA N delivers easily recognisable nutrient forms to the plant, creating a shortcut in comparison to the natural, slower process of microbial conversion in the soil by nitrifying bacteria. This allows for easy absorption by both the foliage and the roots. NZLA ULTRA N is designed to be safe for turf, free from burn and contributes to the population of soil micro-organisms.

Foliar Applications

The general application rates for NZLA ULTRA N is 200-600 mL/100m2, with a minimum of 4L/100m2 of spray mix. It can be applied as a foliar spray every 14-28 days as required.

Mixing & Application 

NZLA ULTRA N is particularly beneficial for turf establishment and renovation, and programmed applications in sand profiles help maintain soil nutrient levels near the plant roots. It can be conveniently applied using a garden sprayer.

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