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The complete root development package with high potassium-to-nitrogen ratio.

• Stimulates root development nutritionally with a high-phosphorous formulation
• Great P:N ratio for root development
• Optimal formulation for fast leaf uptake of phosphorous
• Added plant hormones support the development of root development
• Aids seed germination and success


NZLA ROOT HEALTH+ is an organic, biologically active liquid fertiliser that promotes root stimulation and facilitates the release of locked nutrients in the soil. The unique combination of humates, kelp, vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza and natural plant nutrients offers numerous advantages, such as:

• Stimulating the growth of roots and enhancing the root’s ability to recover nutrients and water
• Assisting in the recovery from plant damage
• Boosting plant resistance against drought periods by increasing root mass through the inclusion of kelp and natural seaweed products


NZLA ROOT HEALTH+ provides readily available phosphorus to stimulate robust root growth and address deficiencies rapidly. It is specially formulated with VM3 organics and infused with VAM (Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae), beneficial symbiotic fungi capable of colonising up to 80% of the turf’s root mass. The fungal hyphae produced by VAM extend beyond the root hairs, significantly enhancing access to typically inaccessible soil nutrients. VAM releases compounds that effectively dissolve elements prone to forming insoluble compounds, including phosphorus and trace elements. Numerous studies have also demonstrated VAM’s ability to enhance a plant’s resilience to water stress.

Foliar Applications

The recommended application rate for NZLA ROOT HEALTH+ is 100-400 mL/100m2 combined with a spray mix volume of 2-5 L/100m2. Repeat every 14-28 days as required.

Mixing & Application 

NZLA ROOT HEALTH+ is particularly beneficial for turf establishment and renovation. Programmed applications in sand profiles help preserve soil nutrients close to the plant roots. It can be conveniently applied using a garden sprayer.

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