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Reinforce is a special liquid fertiliser for turf that contains the perfect balance of silica, calcium, and potassium. When you spray it on the leaves, these nutrients work together to make the plant cells stronger, which toughens the leaves and helps the plant resist stress. 

The strengthening of cellular materials within plant tissues brings about various improvements in the plant’s ability to withstand environmental stresses. Reinforce also improves tolerance from physical stresses such as general wear and tear.

Reinforce is perfect to use on plants before extreme temperatures hit. It strengthens the plant, making it more resistant to diseases that affect the leaves. Additionally, it improves the smoothness of the turf, resulting in better ball roll and mowing on finely cut grass.


Silica (Si) – is a highly beneficial element for the health of turfgrass. It plays a crucial role in strengthening both the materials within cells and the spaces between cells. Turfgrass absorbs silica through its roots or foliage, and then it is transported and deposited into various tissues throughout the plant. This process enhances the overall strength and resilience of turfgrass, enabling it to better withstand environmental and pathogenic stresses.

Despite being the second most abundant element in most soils, plant deficiencies in silica are common. Silica tends to be present in a complex form in soils, which makes it inaccessible to plants. This limited availability hinders the plant’s ability to acquire sufficient silica. As a result, plants deficient in silica often exhibit leaves that lack rigidity and experience reduced photosynthetic activity.

Calcium (Ca) – Reinforce also contains Calcium, an important nutrient for plants. It helps plants become stronger and better prepared for the winter season. Calcium is especially crucial for turfgrass health because it also helps strengthen the plant’s cell walls. Calcium also helps plants absorb potassium and magnesium, two other essential nutrients. Additionally, having enough calcium is linked to the development of strong roots in plants.

Potassium (K) – Potassium is a vital nutrient for plants and has several important effects. It helps plants withstand cold temperatures, fight off diseases, and tolerate drought conditions. Potassium also plays a key role in activating enzymes that are needed for producing proteins, sugars, and starches in plants. It’s worth noting that there are different sources of potassium, and some are more easily absorbed by plants than others. For instance, potassium acetate is about five times more readily available to plants compared to traditional potassium sources, and it has a lower salt content.

Enviromental Stresses 

Si has been found to play a significant role in boosting the turfgrass’s resistance to pests and diseases. Research studies have demonstrated that Si applications can enhance the plant’s ability to fend off pathogenic infections. Many turfgrass pathogens primarily target the plant through its outermost layer, known as the epidermal tissue.

When Si is applied to turfgrass, it helps strengthen the cell walls within the epidermis of the roots, stems, and leaves. This reinforcement enhances the plant’s physical barrier against pests and disease-causing organisms. By fortifying the epidermal tissue, Si contributes to the overall health and vigour of the turfgrass, making it less susceptible to infections.

Foliar Application

50-100ml in a minimum of 4L of water for every 100m2. Repeat every 2-3 weeks during periods of plant stress.

Reinforce can also be applied to landscape plants and ornamentals at 40ml per 100m2.

Please note that it’s normal for this product to be gloopy and slightly clumpy. Shake well before use as the product does settle in the bottle, add the required application amount to a small bottle add some water and give it a good shake before adding to tank.

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