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A readily available potassium source.

• Fast available potassium citrate source
• Influences stress tolerance by ensuring an optimal protein-to-amino acid ratio
• Mitigates against drought and summer stress
• Regulates water loss and cell strength, improving summer performance and wear tolerance
• Offsets the negative effect of sodium salt build-up from repeat irrigation with recycled water


NZLA PERK K+ is a carefully developed and stabilised liquid fertiliser, in a highly potent potassium citrate form, offering enhanced chelation for easy plant absorption and improved stability in the soil. The presence of potassium in plant tissue brings various health benefits, including:
• Ensuring an optimal protein-to-amino acid ratio, which enhances turf strength and tolerance to stresses
• Working to control the loss of stored carbohydrates during respiration
• Assisting to alleviate drought and summer stress
• Helping to regulate transpiration (water loss) and maintain cell strength for optimal performance and wear tolerance during summer
• Counteracting the negative effects of high sodium build-up that can result from repeated irrigation with poor water

NZLA PERK K+ is enriched with VM3, an exclusive organic technology that enhances the availability, longevity, and compatibility of nutrients for improved turf performance. VM3 is derived from a fermentation process that incorporates beneficial bacteria, trace minerals, and plant stimulants providing additional
advantages to the product.

Foliar Application

The general rates for NZLA PERK K+ is 200-600mL/100m2 applied in a minimum of 3.5 L/100m2 of spray mix. It can be applied as a foliar spray. Repeat applications every 14-28 days as required.

Mixing & Application 

NZLA PERK K+ is an ideal choice for mitigating turf stress during summer or when recycled water is used for irrigation. Programmed applications in sand profiles will help maintain soil nutrients near the plant roots.

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