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Defence (1L)

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Reinforce the natural strength of your plant. Strengthen your lawn against wear and stress.

• Builds turf strength through nutrition
• Contains the most readily available form of silicon for uptake and fast plant reaction
• Stimulates the plant’s natural defences
• Improves the uptake of many nutrients including phosphorous, potassium, zinc, iron, calcium and more


NZLA DEFENCE delivers the most bioavailable form of silica, mono silicic acid, and is now classified as a bio-stimulant rather than a traditional turf fertiliser. Given the deficiency of plant-available silicon in turf soils lacking clay, incorporating mono silicic acid in NZLA DEFENCE becomes essential. Silica has a range of benefits for turf but its major advantage lies in its ability to strengthen the cell walls of the leaf and sheath. This makes the plant stronger against traffic and common stresses, and promotes good healthy upright leaf growth.

Foliar Application

The general rates for NZLA DEFENCE is 100-200 mL/100m2 in 2-5 L of spray mix. 

Mixing & Application 

NZLA DEFENCE is recommended for pre-conditioning turf before heavy use or during high-stress situations to enhance the turf’s resistance against wear and infection. Programmed applications in sand profiles will aid in retaining soil nutrients near the plant roots. 

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